Nina Chuba

Nina Chuba, Chapo102 – Ich hass dich

Nina Chuba and Chapo102 play class warfare - a bit. The main thing is that they look good doing it. After all: a nice update to my favorite songs of Nina.

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Wildberry Lillet is not my favorite. Anyway, I am a Nina Chuba fanboy.

"Ich hass dich" is a nice collab with Chapo102.

Sugar sweet video on YouTube. The lyrics almost drastic. But, you know: most important is, everything is nicely displayed and they both look so good.

Always in style.

422.309 visits in the first 3 days on YouTube.

I am not alone 🙂

I am impressed. This piece is the next best reason, why I believe, there is much more to come, from Nina Chuba, in the future. Who-ever in collab or solo.

Though I admit!

Both, music and lyrics of "Ich hass dich" – there is room for improvement.

Maybe be it’s a real requirement today, that you need 8 or 10 specialists in your team, in order to roll out a blockbuster song. Think of Max Martin, for example. And maybe Nina Chuba still has to find her perfect team.

We will see (I mean: hear).


This song, "Ich hass dich" (I hate you) is definitely on my list of Alltime Favorites. Together with these pieces, she has already published:

  • Tracksuit Velours
  • Femminello
  • Babylon Fall
  • Neben mir

All the video links in this recent post about Nina Chuba, Wildberry Lillet etc..

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